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Political Productions.com has been producing political events for over 30 years under the direction of its founder, campaign veteran, David Grossman. Grossman has provided audio-visual expertise at many of the largest and most important political events of the last 30 years, such as the Desert Storm Victory Celebration, Elizabeth Dole’s National Convention floor speech, and President Bush’s post 9-11 Airline speech. Now based in Washington D.C., Political Productions.com is headed by CEO David Grossman.

What sets Political Productions.comĀ apart from other contractors is our unique “grip style” trucks, preloaded with the specialized audio visual equipment necessary for political production; however, the real key to our success is our staff. Our crew is experienced, dedicated, and customer focused. If you’re in politics, you know that our industry is truly different from any other. Political Productions.com knows political work, and knows that a political rally is not the same as a rock concert or corporate event. Why hire a company that mostly does concerts or party planning?

Political Productions.com owns its equipment, and avoids having to subcontract, borrow, or rent equipment! We retain control over all technical aspects of your event.

For in-town Washington events or a 20 stop nationwide tour, Political Productions.com is the #1 choice of campaign staff nationwide!

Abbreviated Chronological Resume

Campaign veteran – Started providing production services to President Reagan in the early 1980s.

Worked extensively with Vice President Bush during his successful presidential campaign.

Worked on the Desert Storm victory celebration in Washington, D.C.

Toured with Vice President Quayle as the favored supplier during the 1992 election cycle.

Became Elizabeth Dole’s audio visual advisor for Bob Dole’s presidential bid, advancing or consulting on all of Mrs. Dole’s “walking speeches.”

Spent 11 days in San Diego advancing all of Mrs. Dole’s events during the ’96 Republican National Convention. Grossman was the one who called for a hand mic, which he insisted be on standby, to be handed to Mrs. Dole during her historic floor speech.

Co-produced a series of five nationwide town meetings for the RNC with Senator Trent Lott, most of which resulted in news coverage including the cover of the New York Times.

For the 2000 election cycle, Grossman worked on over 170 events for the Bush/Cheney campaign. Additionally, he co-produced both the midwest and westcoast train tours.

Provided all of the production and design for the 2001 Presidential Inaugural Parade.

Assisted with Bush – Blair summit at Camp David in 2001.

Has become a favorite White House contractor, producing numerous policy speeches, and President George W. Bush’s historic post 9-11 airline speech in Chicago, Ill.

Abundant work with President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and former Presidents Ford and Carter. Also worked with British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, as well as, Mexican President Vincente Fox.

Acted as the production consultant for the city of Detroit on its unsuccessful bid for the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

For the 2004 election cycle, Grossman orchistrated over 380 events for both of the major political parties..

Grossman also owns Michigan-based Pegasus Entertainment, a leading midwest theatrical/audio-visual supplier since 1982, having over 20 years of production experience.

Grossman stand alone in the diversity of the political production experience and his keen knowledge of how all the production equipment functions, and the various uses of each.

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